ZYN, a globally recognized brand of nicotine pouches, has recently made its debut in the UK market, sparking significant interest among both vapers and smokers. But what distinguishes ZYN from other options in the expanding realm of nicotine pouches? Before delving into our insights on the brand, let’s familiarize ourselves with some basics about nicotine pouches. They are compact, convenient, produce no smoke or vapor, and are available in an array of flavors and strengths. Ideal for situations where vaping isn’t feasible, such as public spaces, they serve as a convenient alternative for vapers.

Understanding ZYN Pouches

ZYN pouches offer a diverse range of flavors, from classic Cool Mint to the more adventurous Chilli Guava and Espressino pouches, aiming to make a mark in flavor diversity. However, taste isn’t the sole focus, as we’ll explore further. If you’re contemplating trying ZYNs, read on for our detailed review.

ZYN pouches, also known as ZYNs, ZYNnies, and various other names, are an excellent choice for both newcomers to pouches and those seeking a novel experience. Available in various sizes and nicotine levels, from light options like 6mg pouches to stronger 12mg ZYNs, finding one to match your preferences is effortless. For beginners, we recommend starting with a 6mg pouch (available in three unique flavors) and adjusting from there.

Exploring ZYN Flavors:

The ZYN pouch collection boasts a curated selection of flavors, catering to diverse preferences despite its modest size. Whether you lean towards sweet, zesty, spicy, cool, or rich flavors, there’s something in the lineup for everyone.

  • Citrus
  • Espressino
  • Chilli Guava
  • Cool Mint
  • Icy Mint
  • Icy Blackcurrant

How To Use ZYN pouches?

Using ZYN pouches is straightforward:

  • Take a pouch from the tub and insert it under your top lip, against your gum.
  • Experience a tingling sensation as the pouch begins to work, lasting approximately five minutes.
  • Leave the pouch in place for up to an hour.
  • Dispose of the used pouch in a general waste bin or utilize the convenient storage compartment in the tub’s lid.

How Long Do ZYN Pouches Last?

The average time required for the nicotine and flavorings to fully disperse in ZYN pouches is typically between 20 and 60 minutes. However, several factors can influence this duration:

  • Pouch size: Larger pouches generally last longer.
  • Nicotine strength: While stronger pouches may have a longer-lasting effect, the rate of nicotine absorption remains relatively consistent.
  • Flavor: Dominant flavors like mint and menthol tend to last longer compared to milder or more delicate flavors.
  • Dry and moist pouches: Dry pouches deliver nicotine gradually, while moist pouches provide an intense initial burst but may fade more quickly.
  • Freshness: Properly stored, fresh pouches maintain potency longer.
  • Personal standards: Users may dispose of pouches when flavor diminishes or when they’ve had enough nicotine.

Pros & Cons Of ZYN Nicotine Pouches

Pros Cons
Range of familiar & exotic flavors Many flavors available in only one size
Several pouch sizes Some flavors are offered in only one strength
Multiple strengths to choose from
Convenient storage for used pouches
3 for £18 multi-buy

Final Verdict 

While nicotine pouches might initially seem unfamiliar, ZYN offers a compelling option. With a diverse flavor range, various nicotine strengths, and size options, there’s something for everyone. For those already familiar with pouches, ZYN introduces unique flavors not found elsewhere, making them worth considering.

Whether you’re a seasoned pouch user or considering trying them for the first time, ZYN’s offerings provide convenience and satisfaction, offering an alternative nicotine experience.


What items are included in a ZYN Pouch box?

Each ZYN Pouch box contains a Xros Pro Device along with 20 or 21 nicotine pouches, depending on the specific packaging.

What is the Xros Pro Device?

The Xros Pro Device is a device designed for the consumption of ZYN nicotine pouches. It is a convenient and portable tool for enjoying nicotine without smoke or vapor.

Is the Xros Pro Device rechargeable?

Yes, the Xros Pro Device is rechargeable, offering users the flexibility to enjoy ZYN nicotine pouches on the go without worrying about battery life.

How long do ZYN last?

ZYN pouches usually last between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on factors like size, nicotine strength, flavor, moisture content, freshness, and individual preference.

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