Atomizer shorts are a common frustration for vapers, often causing devices to malfunction or fail to operate correctly. Understanding what atomizer shorts are, their causes, their effects on your vaping experience, and how to effectively troubleshoot and resolve them is crucial for any vaper. This article aims to provide a clear and detailed guide to help you navigate through this issue.

What Is An Atomizer Short?

An atomizer short occurs when the coil inside your vape tank comes into unintended contact with another conductive surface or when the coil itself is damaged. This contact disrupts the normal flow of electricity within your vaping device, leading to issues such as error messages on your device’s screen or even unsafe operating conditions.

Causes Of Atomizer Shorts:

  • Coil Contact Issues: The most common cause of atomizer shorts is when the coil touches the metal housing or deck of the atomizer. This can happen due to improper installation, wear and tear over time, or mishandling while cleaning or adjusting the atomizer.
  • Coil Damage: Coils can become damaged through regular use, causing them to develop hot spots or breaks in the wire. This can create unintended pathways for electricity and lead to a short.
  • Build-up of E-liquid: Residue from e-liquid can accumulate on the coil or around the atomizer deck. This build-up can potentially bridge connections between the coil and other conductive surfaces, causing a short circuit.
  • Manufacturing Defects: While rare, manufacturing defects in coils or atomizers can also lead to shorts. This could include poor quality control during production or faulty materials used in the coil assembly.

Effects Of Atomizer Shorts

Experiencing an atomizer short can result in several noticeable effects that impact your vaping experience:

  • Device Error Messages: Many modern vaping devices will display error messages such as “Check Atomizer,” “No Atomizer Found,” or “Short Atomizer.” These messages indicate that the device has detected an issue with the atomizer’s electrical circuit.
  • Inconsistent Firing: Your device may fire intermittently or fail to fire at all when a short is present. This inconsistency can be frustrating and make it difficult to use your device effectively.
  • Burnt Taste: Atomizer shorts can cause uneven heating of the coil, resulting in a burnt or unpleasant taste when vaping. This is often accompanied by reduced vapor production.
  • Battery Safety Concerns: Shorts can place additional stress on the battery and other electronic components within the vaping device. In extreme cases, this can lead to overheating or other safety hazards.

How To Identify An Atomizer Short?

If you suspect that your vaping device is experiencing an atomizer short, there are several signs to watch out for:

  • Error Messages: Pay attention to any error messages displayed on your device’s screen.
  • Inconsistent Performance: Note any changes in how your device fires or performs during use.
  • Visual Inspection: Examine the coil and atomizer for any visible signs of damage, such as burnt or broken coil wire.

Solutions To Atomizer Shorts

Resolving atomizer shorts often requires a systematic approach to troubleshooting:

  • Check Coil Installation: Ensure that the coil is properly installed and positioned within the atomizer. Make sure that the coil is not in contact with any metal parts other than the designated contact points.
  • Inspect for Damage: Carefully examine the coil for signs of wear, hot spots, or breaks in the wire. Replace the coil if it appears damaged or worn out.
  • Clean Atomizer: Thoroughly clean the atomizer, including the coil and deck, to remove any e-liquid residue or debris that could be causing a short circuit.
  • Adjust Wattage Settings: Verify that your device is set to an appropriate wattage or temperature setting for the resistance of the coil. Incorrect settings can lead to overheating and potentially cause shorts.
  • Replace Atomizer or Coils: If the issue persists despite cleaning and adjusting, consider replacing the entire atomizer or just the coils. This can help rule out any persistent defects or damage that may not be easily visible.


Atomizer shorts are a common issue in vaping that can disrupt your enjoyment and safety. By understanding the causes, effects, and solutions outlined in this article, you are better equipped to diagnose and resolve atomizer shorts effectively. Regular maintenance, careful handling of your vaping equipment, and awareness of your device’s behavior are key to minimizing the risk of shorts and ensuring a consistent vaping experience. If you encounter persistent issues or have concerns about your device’s safety, seek advice from experienced vapers or professional vape shop staff for further assistance.


  1. What causes an atomizer short?

Answer: Atomizer shorts are typically caused by the coil touching unintended conductive surfaces like the atomizer deck or due to coil damage, e-liquid residue build-up, or rare manufacturing defects.

  1. How do I know if my vaping device has an atomizer short?

Answer: Look for error messages like “Check Atomizer,” inconsistent firing, burnt taste, or visible coil damage.

  1. How can I fix an atomizer short?

Answer: Ensure proper coil installation, inspect for damage, clean the atomizer, adjust settings if needed, and consider replacing coils or the entire atomizer if problems persist.

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