Cannabis, a topic that sparks debates worldwide, remains a subject of fascination and controversy. While governments grapple with its legality and society debates its impact, there’s a wealth of weed documentaries on Netflix that dive into the world of cannabis. Each of these documentaries approaches the subject differently, from heartwarming stories to thought-provoking insights. Let’s take a look at some of the finest cannabis documentaries available on Netflix in 2023.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

“The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” is a documentary from 2007 that offers an in-depth examination of the marijuana industry and the individuals driving it. It traces the history of marijuana, explores the rise of the drug trade, and delves into the cultural significance of cannabis. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or simply curious about the topic, this documentary provides a comprehensive overview of the marijuana industry.

How To Make Money Selling Drugs (2012)

Make Money Selling Drugs (2012)

Released in 2012, “How to Make Money Selling Drugs” offers a comprehensive exploration of the economics of the drug trade. The documentary delves into the motivations that lead individuals into the drug trade and examines the consequences of drug criminalization. From the streets of Detroit to the drug war in Mexico, this documentary offers a thought-provoking analysis of the drug trade and its societal implications.

The Culture High (2014)

The Culture High (2014)

Released in 2014, “The Culture High” delves into the social, political, and economic implications of the war on drugs. The film explores arguments for and against cannabis legalization and examines its broader impact on society. This thought-provoking documentary is sure to ignite debate and challenge your preconceived notions about the world of cannabis.

Explained: Weed (2018)

Explained Weed (2018)

For those looking for a quick yet informative exploration of marijuana, “Explained: Weed” is a must-watch. In just 20 minutes, this documentary series provides a comprehensive overview of cannabis, covering its history, various uses, and its role in assisting individuals with various medical conditions. It’s the perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of different cannabis strains and the chemical compounds within marijuana plants.

Weed The People (2018)

Weed The People (2018)

In “Weed the People,” a 2018 documentary, the focus shifts to the medical benefits of cannabis, especially for children battling cancer. The movie documents the journeys of families who have embraced medical marijuana as a potential remedy for their children’s illnesses. It offers a touching and frequently poignant glimpse into these families’ lives and highlights the positive influence of cannabis on their children’s well-being.

Murder Mountain (2018)

Murder Mountain (2018)

“Murder Mountain” is a gripping documentary series that unravels the mysterious disappearance of Garret Rodriguez, a 29-year-old marijuana grower. Released in 2018, this American true crime series exposes the dark side of the local marijuana industry, where criminal elements are willing to commit heinous acts for personal gain.

Drug Lords (2018)

Drug Lords (2018)

As the title suggests, “Drug Lords” is a TV series that delves into the real-life stories of drug-dealing cartels and kingpins like Pablo Escobar, the Cali Cartel, Frank Lucas, and the Pettingill family. Released in 2018, the series provides an unprecedented look into the workings and personal lives of these notorious drug cartels.

Grass Is Greener (2019)

Grass Is Greener (2019)

Released in 2019, “Grass is Greener” takes us on a journey through the history of cannabis in the United States. It shines a light on how this history has been shaped by racial and political influences. This eye-opening documentary digs into the origins of the War on Drugs and its unequal impact on communities of color. It challenges conventional perceptions of cannabis in society and offers a fresh perspective.

GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution (2020)


Emerging in 2020, “GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution” embarks on a journey to explore the medicinal potentials of cannabis and the burgeoning movement to legitimize its use. The documentary features discussions with leading luminaries—scientists, medical practitioners, and cannabis advocates—who offer their insights on the virtues of marijuana and the burgeoning push for its legalization.

Wrapping Up

These cannabis documentaries on Netflix provide a diverse range of perspectives on a complex and evolving topic. From heartwarming stories of families seeking relief through medical marijuana in “Weed the People” to the gritty exploration of the drug trade in “How to Make Money Selling Drugs,” each documentary presents a unique facet of the cannabis narrative. Whether you’re a curious viewer or a dedicated enthusiast, these films open doors to understanding and provoke thought about the complex world of cannabis. So, grab your popcorn and tune in to these thought-provoking documentaries that shed light on an ever-evolving subject.

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